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The Neymans are Josh Neyman, Destiny Starr, and LaCorey Will. Known for their compelling vocal harmonies,

stage-presence, and passion, the Neymans are no strangers to the Christian music industry. Their unique sound captivates the audience, young and old, and their songs are written from life’s experiences. This multi-award-winning trio knows their purpose in life – touch lives and spread the word of God. They are motivated and hungry for all God

has in store. With new vision and burning passion, the Neymans are committed to making captivating music together and sharing it with the world.


Josh Neyman is one of the most talented artists in the Christian music industry. At age 23, he owns a music ministry, graphic-design company, and production company. Josh started touring at the age of 15 with award-winning trio, The Faithful Chosen (self-founded). After three years of touring, the group parted ways, and Josh set out to begin his solo music career. ​During this time, Josh used his gift to help people in many ways. Josh also won many awards as a solo artist. In 2008 – 2014 he won best male vocalist and best male entertainer at The North America Music Awards.

In 2010 he also won album of the year for his first solo album, Through the Storm. At the end of 2011, he released his second solo album, Unworthy, which earned many awards as well. In 2012, Josh earned his position in the top 100 of 5,000 hopefuls in TV's most popular entertainment show, American Idol. In 2013, Destiny Starr (cousin), joined Josh

on the road which marked the beginning of the group, the Neymans.


Destiny Starr, has a voice beyond her years and traveled with Josh most of her life. Destiny comes from a family of music as well. Her grandfather, Charles Crittenden, toured with many famous quartets and also mentored legendary pianist Anthony Burger, along with many others. Destiny began singing at age 9 and took the stage with Josh in 2009. Since then, she blossomed into a vocal sensation winning multiple awards on her own. In 2013, Destiny won best female vocalist at the North American Music Awards. Now sharing the stage full time with Josh and LaCorey, she is

the perfect female lead to give the Neymans their unique sound. After touring a couple of years, the duo released their first album together, Embrace. In 2015, LaCorey Will joined the group.

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LaCorey Will, of WillPower Productions, is a musical force to be reckoned with.  Creating great music is just one of his abounding talents. From Montgomery, Alabama, LaCorey was a member of multiple choirs in his early years. This ignited a passion for music leading him to study sound, recording, and music production. LaCorey also served in the military. While serving on a Naval submarine from 2004 – 2008, LaCorey produced and recorded albums with two of his up and coming rapper shipmates, as well as a few singles of his own, which gained him an impressive amount of worldwide exposure. LaCorey went on to produce several successful songs for a variety of buzzy pop artists. After his years of service in the U.S. Navy, LaCorey earned his graduate and undergraduate degrees in business and engineering. In 2015, he decided to join The Neymans on the road. Wearing multiple hats within the group, LaCorey serves as sound man, road manager, producer, and contributes his appealing and congruous, low-part harmony to complete the trio. In 2018 the group released their EP entitled  World's Apart, LaCorey’s contribution to the Neymans’ musical and vocal production is bound to break barriers within the Christian and secular music industries.

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